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In Lucid's debut, a multi-talented producer who comes from immigrant parents raised in Phoenix, Arizona, dive into a wide variety of sounds you have never heard before with influences of Pop, Rap, and Latin infused throughout with each track having its own unique sound. Each track produced is a reflection of Lucid's experiences with his cultural identity, and how it has shaped him as an producer. His music is a kaleidoscope of genres and styles, making it a truly captivating listen. With his production, Lucid paved the way with his distinct sound making his way into popular music genres. He is a master of combining the traditional and the modern, creating a distinct and captivating sound. With his earlier projects and work ethic, Lucid has established himself as a producer to be reckoned with and inspired countless others. His music is a beautiful blend of east and west, captivating his audience and taking them on a journey of discovery. He has created a unique style that speaks to a global audience. His innovation and creativity continues to be an inspiration to many. Graduating from the beatmaker class to one of the leading producers on the West Coast.


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